Shuttering Ply

A Premium Shuttering Plywood from Gayatri Plywood Industries

About Uno Shuttering Ply

Unoply is Shuttering ply brand by Gayatri Plywood Industries, is an ISO:9001 certified company established in year 1992. We are manufacturer of extensive rage of plywood, doors (including Flush, Laminates and Membrane doors) and Blockboards .

We are one of the leading plywood brands on North Bihar and Jharkhand.

XenPly Shuttering Ply

What makes what we are:

  1. We use Tropical Hard Wood and Gurjan Timber

  2. Each veneer is bonded with self manufactured Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin which extends the working life of plywood.

  3. Each Plywood is conditioned and treated with the best preservative to give a range of plywood products that are 100% borer and termite free.

  4. Our plywoods have superior swell resistance. It continues performance even in wet service condition.

  5. All our products undergo the most stringent quality control measures.

  6. This enables us to manufacture premium quality products and give you value for money.